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We are not "another" mobile payment (we provide this and much more). Our multi-channel solution allows the person to send and receive money via ATMs, Bank branches, Agents, mobile phones, websites...

We have a vision in predicting the trend towards providing virtual financial services (Virtual Banking). Our flagship product DJITI acts a virtual financial passport.

We offer a solution for MTOs, MFIs, Public administrations...
WELCOME TO GTI Global Transfer Identification

Welcome to GTI Technology: a network based on the human being. The “future of money” is evolving and we are at the forefront of innovation. We are an ambitious team that is looking to change the railway of the payment industry. GTI modular platform was born out of a desire to create a payment system powered by the “ person”. Our goal is to provide the banked as well as the unbanked with a simple and approachable solution: Virtual Financial Passport.

Global Transfer Identification is an algorithm linked to the” person” himself and not to any device. The word Djiti refers to the acronym of GTI number.

GTI is a PATENTED technology which provides web and mobile interface for its customers. The GTI platform can be deployed anywhere. The patented software solution seamlessly integrates in banks, financial institutions, public administrations, small business enterprises...


  • OPEN-LOOP between the banked ,the unbanked and the Bank (next generation card). Our platform creates a STANDARD solution between issuing Banks, Mobile wallet providers, Wire transfer operators.
  • CLONING TECHNOLOGY: GTI clones the person into any bank account or multiple accounts at the same time. The person is financially reachable regardless to his location = OMNIPRESENCE!
  • POWER TRANSFER: GTI technology is a real time payment system allowing the recipient to immediately repay (reverse payment) to another recipient for an ongoing financial circuit among people.
  • GLOBAL COMPATIBILITY: GTI is a modular platform that integrates seamlessly with all carrier services and protocols. The platform architecture flexibility ensures it can support multi-bank and multi-operator environments to enable easy integration and accelerated service adoption.
  • VIRTUAL FINANCIAL PASSPORT: The global transfer identification number given to a person so he becomes a payment instrument is at the foundation of what differentiates us. DJITI is the next generation card, TODAY!
  • We have teamed up with one of the major players in the fields of branding and marketing .Our marketing strategy will be focusing on a hip and efficient product for the young generation: BANKOOT.
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